Organize a satellite event

Polar Bear Pitching is a global phenomenon: countries across the world, including Japan, Germany, and Norway organize a local pitching competition with makeshift ice hole helping us spread the waves of innovation beyond the waters of Oulu. And the most exiting part – the winner of the Satellite Event gets a spot in the ultimate Avanto Competition at Polar Bear Pitching!

Why organize?

Stand Out in Your Local Community

Celebrate innovation in a way that’s not just memorable but also makes your local ecosystem stakeholders proud to be a part of something extraordinary. Join us in creating an event that’s fun, unforgettable, and has a lasting impact on your startup community.

Gain Global Recognition

By collaborating with us we share a marketing campaign that highlights your role as event organizers. We’ll promote your event on our website and across our platforms, linking back to your Satellite Event. Plus, the winner from your competition gets a shot at the ultimate challenge —taking the plunge into the ice hole at Polar Bear Pitching in Finland — a moment that will be celebrated globally.

Participate in Polar Bear Pitching in Finland

As organizers, you and the winners from your event will receive complimentary tickets to Polar Bear Pitching, granting you access to one of the coolest startup events in the world. Additionally, winners will enjoy free accommodation in Oulu during the main event.


How to organize?

Requirements for the “ice hole”

The good news is that your ”ice hole” doesn’t need to be real. Get creative with makeshift options like an ice bath or any inventive icy setup. Just ensure that the water is cold enough and the water level reaches the waist of the participant(s). We’ll provide you with the necessary details and safety guidelines.

Requirements for competing startups

For the pitching competition, we welcome preferably pre-seed and early-stage startups. We’ll provide you with the necessary guidelines for the selection process and judging criteria.

Requirements for the time

Our main event usually takes place at the end of February or the beginning of March. To align with our schedule, we kindly request that your Satellite Event takes place between November and January. If you have special circumstances, feel free to discuss exceptions with us on a case-by-case basis.

Requirements for the organizers

You cannot organize a Satellite Event as a private individual. We ask an organizations, company or public institution to take the responsibility for organizing the event.

Organizing a Satellite Event is absolutely free. Please note that we will be carefully selecting the organizers to ensure a high-quality and impactful experience.


What’s included?

  • Total of five complimentary tickets to Polar Bear Pitching for the winners and the organizers of your Satellite Event.
  • A 30% discount code for other participants at your Satellite Event.
  • Signature red beanies and t-shirts for your dedicated organizing team.
  • Comprehensive guidelines and visuals to ensure your Satellite Event is a success, including everything you need to create an unforgettable experience.

Please note that while we provide valuable support and recognition, the costs of organizing the event itself and the travel expenses for both the winners and the organizing team to attend Polar Bear Pitching in Finland are not covered. Organizers have the opportunity to seek local sponsors to cover these expenses.


Apply to become a Satelite Event organizer