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Pitching partner

Polar Bear Pitching is about connecting startups, corporations and young entrepreneurial minds.


We have come to realize that in today’s world it is difficult to really meet and have open discussions for corporations, startups and young people alike.¬†We believe that we could all learn from each other, if we were just able to connect in a meaningful way and supportive environment.

This is the reason why we collaborate with larger enterprises. Through an open mind and the right connections we are able to solve problems we face daily.

We are not able to manage everything by ourselves, by staying in a vacuum. Only through cooperation, discussions and open exchange of ideas and resources, we are able to tackle the world’s problems. Polar Bear Pitching provides the platform, but only with our partners we are able to provide the perfect content.

Get in touch and build Polar Bear Pitching 2019 together with us.