what does the polar bear pitching 2020 virtual consist of?


We use Brella as our platform to share the latest info from Polar Bear Pitching virtual event. Sign in to Brella to participate and follow the updates from there and at the same time set your 1-to-1 virtual meetings! We have opened 24/7 virtual meeting slots until Friday 13th March.

1. Choose from two ways:

Download the free Brella app from Google Play or App Store (Join code: morethanmeetstheice)
 Use Brella through your browser by clicking the link: https://next.brella.io/join/morethanmeetstheice (Join code: morethanmeetstheice)

2. Create a Brella account, choose your interests, finalize your introduction and let’s meet virtual!

If you have any questions, you can always contact support@brella.io. See you soon!

LIVESTREAM (or rather a live show!)

We will have a livestream starting on Thursday 12.3. 5pm (GMT+2). Tune in to see what will happen! You can find our livestream in Brella, on our front page or here.

In 2020, the live show focuses on global challenges that are troubling many. It seeks to turn the tone of conversations from problems into solutions and fear into confidence through case examples of entrepreneurs who have decided to act and tackle these challenges. Staying true to the nature of Polar Bear Pitching, talks are given in the icy waters of Oulu River either in-person or virtually by entrepreneurs from Estonia, Finland, India, Israel, Japan, Sweden and the UK.

Leading experts, such as Chris Heivly (Techstars) and Gregory Shepard (BOSS Capital Partners) from the USA, share their advice on how to successfully take your idea forward. The emotional story of injured athlete Pekka Hyysalo, the embodiment of Finnish Sisu, shows how resilience can help in the battle against all odds. Hyysalo has demonstrated how even the hardest of battles can be turned into one’s best version of oneself.

A virtual press conference

A virtual press conference is organised after the livestream as a Zoom webinar.


Please, register for the Press Conference with the above link. After registration, you will receive an automatic email message, where you will find the link for joining our Press Conference. The waiting room will be opened on March 12, 2020 at 5pm (GMT+2). Please note that the Press Conference will start immediately after the Polar Bear Pitching live show (approximately at 7pm GMT+2). Welcome to chat with us! Your email will not be used for marketing purposes.