What’s it like to pitch at Polar Bear Pitching?

Take a look at what the contesters from previous years have said about the experience!

Polar Bear Pitching put us on the map and opened many doors to great opportunities. We were even featured in The Huffington Post!

— Sandra Pétursdóttir, First Bond Wearables

First Bond Wearables

This startup event is super awesome! Our business improved tenfold. We were noticed by Estonian media and our sales skyrocketed.

— Siim Saat, SATU Laboratory


Polar Beatr Pitching

Polar Bear Pitching was THE experience. It was something unique every startup should definitely try. Pitching in a live stream in front of a jury is one thing, but doing it while submerged in frozen sea water… that is insane and hardcore business – and that is why I loved it. It was a true challenge and I enjoyed every second of visiting Oulu and PBP. Smiling volunteers, vivid atmosphere and lovely organizers made this easily one of the best pitching events in Finland. As one of the finalists, we got very good media coverage, not to mention many very promising follow-ups. If you are wondering should you do it – hell yeah!

— Timo Kettunen, Founder & CEO Diske LTD

Investors who ended up investing in us were sitting in the audience. Plunging into the freezing water and talking face-to-face with them, showed the investors how serious we were.

— Annina Koskiola, Proximi.io

Virta Ltd


Standing in the ice hole in front of the excited audience was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. The atmosphere at the event was inspiring as dozens of startups buzzed around in excitement. Personally, the pitch was the hardest one ever. But it got easier after we couldn’t feel our legs anymore. And the fiery feeling after getting out – something we’ll never forget!

— Olli Kananen, Virta Ltd.