Controller of Information
Polar Bear Pitching NPO
Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1, 90570 OULU

Contact Person

Mira Koski

Name of Personal Data Register

Polar Bear Pitching Marketing Data Register

Purpose of Collecting and Storing Data

We collect and store data for marketing and other customer communication.

Personal Data Collected and Stored

The data register may contain identifying information such as, but not limited to first and last names, email addresses and phone numbers.

Sources of Personal Information

We collect and store data you provide to us by consensual actions such as, but not limited to subscribing our newsletter or registering for our event.

Distribution and International Transfer of Personal Data

We use third parties for support services, and may transfer personal information also to countries outside the European Economic Area, adequately following laws and regulations.

Retention and security

Personal data is not retained for longer than laws and regulations permit and what is necessary. Appropriate measures are taken to protect personal data against lost or unlawful use.

Your Rights

You have a right to access your personal information we have collected and stored. You have a right to correct and ask to delete your personal data with a written request.

Please note that the privacy policy may be updated.