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Kicking off Polar Bear Pitching 2019!

Polar Bear Pitching is finally here! Today we host our brave semi-finalists in the first round of the event. 15 participants will take to the Ice-Hole in the hopes of making into tomorrow’s final, joining our Norwegian competition winners: Bookis.

Below you can get to know the start-ups joining us in today’s event. Not only do we have Finnish companies coming to compete, but several international start-ups from all over the world!

This year we have two participants coming all the way from Japan. Funky Jump are developing hands free community relation management software, using voice recognition to ease the process, and O:inc work on an application to help regulate our body’s internal clock.

A joint start-up from both Latvia and the United Kingdom, CakeHR is HR software company that streamlines attendance, performance and recruitment management for customers worldwide.

Joining us from the United States we have TensorFlight. TensorFlight are developing software that makes use of artificial intelligence to analyse satellite, aerial, drone and street view imagery.

From Estonia we have VideoCV, a platform where prospective employees can respond to job offers with a video CV.

From Finland we have a range of participants from many different fields. First up we have PlayGain, a start-up using artificial intelligence to aid in management decisions.

Doerz is an application to link travellers with locals. The aim is to provide a community platform to help tourists experience local culture through the help of local residents.

Zenniz are a Finnish brand working to develop smart tracking technology for use on tennis courts.

New Cable Corporation works to design shielded, flat, flexible cables to save the resources of both their customers and the planet.

AISpotter Oy is creating software to automatically analyse video data from sport events, aiming to help coaches provide fast, efficient feedback for players.

Mealbox provide a healthy online food delivery service. Using fresh ingredients, users can create meals based on their own health goals.

Rat Crew Studios are a Finnish games company developing high-quality role-playing games and transmedia franchises.

Kidday is a mobile application for creating a ‘kid book’ for families to capture important moments in their child’s life.

Simlab are creating a platform that allows organizations to create immersive lessons of their own online and distribute direct to their customers.

Delektre Ltd are bringing an application to noninvasively track body signs within their users, with the aim to help balance their health life.

Today we will see who has the strength – and more importantly the spirit – to make it through the ice-hole’s epic challenge. Join us tomorrow at 6pm to witness the finalists at our free event.