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Jump into an adventure – volunteering in Polar Bear Pitching

Katarina Laaksonen, Digital marketing specialist from Kuulu, was once a marketing volunteer in Polar Bear Pitching. Read Katarina’s PBP story where she tells us how she still longs after those adventurous times and what she learned during her time in this high-energy team.

“I have always been an advocate for volunteering. Volunteerism is fun and effective way to enhance and develop both your professional and interpersonal abilities. Volunteering for the right cause will improve your core skills and give you direction – not to mention it will grow your network towards the place where you want to go businesswise. Startups with creative geniuses, financially wise investors and international media in all ears – all this and more swarming in Oulu for one, cool pitching event. You know you want to be part of it, right?

Join the awesome Polar Bear Pitching team 2019! You’re in for a treat and get to create memories which will last for a lifetime. Use your time wisely, expand your network actively and dare to take challenging tasks. Meanwhile you’ll experience first-hand how the world-class event is build. With the Polar Bear Pitching team you’ll learn to succeed in the arctic conditions. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

I warmly recommend volunteering for the Polar Bear Pitching event and joining this high-energy team. I speak from my heart and from my experience. In 2016, I lead the marketing team of approximately 10 people for months prior the event. My crew was from all around the world – it was great to share the knowledge, values, time and work with so different, versatile people. With the team we created graphic design, video stories, photography, managed social media channels and some of us even got to act in the videos! Along the way I gathered lots of experience, fails and successes, confidence for my own work and even people I’m proud to call friends.

I treasure the memories fondly and I must admit still longing to experience the thrill of the live show. Remember, Polar Bear Pitching is Business unusual event – it’s more of an adventure. And after all the skills learned and showed making this world class pitching event- You might land your dream job. I sure did!

So, what are you waiting for? ”

Katarina Laaksonen
Digital marketing specialist / trainer
Marketing manager for Polar Bear Pitching 2016