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Invitation: Hack an event with us and light up a freezing moment

Imagine having organized an event with visitors and media coming from different parts of the world, and all of a sudden, roughly a week before your event was supposed to happen, you’d be forced to cancel the entire thing! What would you be thinking?

Is this the end? How can we survive? There’s no way we’re ever going to be able to cope with this!

Unfortunately this is no imaginary scenario, but a reality to an ever growing amount of events world-wide! This freezing moment happened to us as well. Polar Bear Pitching 2020 froze completely only 8 days before the event.

At first we were frozen by fear. But after a sleepless night, we remembered our core values:

💪 perseverance & resilience
💪 bravery & confidence
💪 playfulness & curiosity

and realized it’s over only if we let fear guide us and refuse to act. We decided to bounce back and change our perspective! Could this actually be the beginning of something new?


7 day challenge to build an event from ground 0

We challenged ourselves to create a free and open for all virtual event in the incredibly short time of 7 days. We’ve never done anything like this before and have no clue how to do it. Having ice cold water in our DNA helps, because we know that in order to survive, we need to act fast.

We don’t know how this is all going to end, but we are curious to see where this experiment leads us. We invite you all to take part in this journey together with us,Techstars, and Brella. Please join us at Brella immediately to start setting your 1-to-1 virtual meetings and to participate in our virtual conference on March 12th 2020*.

It’s super easy to join! Choose from these two ways:
✅ Download the free Brella app from Google Play or App Store  (Join code: morethanmeetstheice)
✅ Use Brella through your browser by clicking this link  (Join code: morethanmeetstheice)

Let’s use this as an opportunity to meet like-minded people, rethink not only events, but all kinds of freezing moments! We all have them; these dreadful moments when things didn’t go as planned, when doors were slammed in our face or roadblocks appear unexpectedly, or when we are discouraged by self-doubt or fear.


We invite you and your community to join our ranks to:
🥶 revalue freezing moments and
💋 kiss fear goodbye!

Together we are 💪strong enough to 🔥ignite a movement to 💋kiss fear goodbye!



How can we create a virtual snowball effect?

We don’t know, but we’re eager to find out and start exploring! Please join us and invite others as well to experiment together with us. Let’s see if we can create a virtual snowball effect that spreads across the globe and inspires people to take action when the going gets tough during all those unpleasant freezing moments.Here’s two ways to start rolling the snowball.


  1. Take a look back and reflect on the freezing moments of your life.
  2. How did you bounce back? What good came out of them?  What did you learn when you turned the negative (fear, failure and alike) into the positive (confidence, success and alike)?
  3. Share your thoughts on social media ✏️ 📸 to inspire others who may currently be struggling with freezing moments, or whose vision is blinded by fear which is holding them back and preventing them from reaching their fullest potential.
  4. Post your experience on social media starting on March 12th 2020 with the hashtags #FreezingMoment and #KissFearGoodbye
  5. Invite others to do the same.
  1. Create a ”literal freezing moment”. The funnier, the better! Get creative; stand in a bucket of ice, dance in a cold shower, dive in snow, cover yourself in ice cubes, catch ice trays…anything you can think of!
  2. Take a selfie or a video 📸 of you in the literally freezing moment while smiling and blowing kisses in the air with child-like enthusiasm.
  3. Post it on social media starting on March 12th 2020 with the hashtags #FreezingMoment #KissFearGoodbye
  4. Invite others to do the same.

Tag / send DM @PolarBearPitch to be featured on the experiment.


Let’s figure out the next steps together! Meet us online during our virtual event on March 12th 2020* and exchange thoughts and ideas. By coming together we’ll hopefully create something new and unexpected! We can’t wait to see where this journey will take us and with whom we’ll get to travel! 🤩


Adventure, here we come! 💪


*The details of the virtual conference will be updated on Brella, our social media channels and website once the instructions and schedule are clear. (Remember, we have created this all in only 7 days from ground 0. Thank you all for your patience and support!)