Frequently asked questions

The what’s, why’s and how’s of Polar Bear Pitching. For more answers, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is the prize?

The main prize is €10 000.

How to pitch from an ice hole and stay alive?

Number one: Prepare well. It’s advisable to practise beforehand, so that when your turn comes, you’ll know what to expect. Thinking straight, let alone giving a coherent speech, may prove problematic if you take the plunge unprepared! No frozen sea or lake available? Try ice cubes in a bath tub!

It’s also good to cover your head and feet with something warm and woolly, when you go in.

Number two: Breathe. The icy water will probably be a bit of a shock to your lungs, so concentrate on breathing. Breathing helps in staying conscious and actually delivering your pitch!

Number three: Stay warm afterwards! Don’t worry, we have saunas and hot tubs ready for you after you’re done. A pair of nice woolly long johns and undershirt is recommended wear afterwards.

But why?

To find your sisu. It’s something you didn’t know you had until you were pushed to the limit.

It’s the best lesson to learn: sometimes the going gets tough and the conditions around you may seem impossible, but if you keep your core message clear in your head, focus, find the enjoyable in every situation and keep on going, you’ll come out a winner. And after you’re through, you’ll feel incredibly warm.

How to travel to Oulu?

Oulu is easily accessible, where ever you’re from.

Oulu Airport is the second busiest in Finland and dozens of flights arrive on a daily basis.

If you’re closer by, travelling by bus or train is ideal; it’s a quick way to get to Oulu from almost anywhere in Finland.

Flights: Norwegian, Finnair, SAS

Trains and buses: VR
Buses: Matkahuolto
Rental cars: EuropcarSixt
Local buses: Oulun joukkoliikenne
Chartered coaches: OTP Travel

Polar Bear Pitching Key Metrics

182 startups have competed in the ice hole
20+ countries from where startups have applied
130 countries where the event is known
4:08 min the duration of the longest pitch
2014 the first event was organized

Past side events:

China (Hangzhou)

Norway (Tromsø)

US (Silicon Valley)

Japan (Sendai)